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“We’re a small video production company based in the city that was built on film and garbage plates (Rochester, NY).”


When naming a video production company you usually want to go with something that sounds masculine and powerful. You know something like Jaguar films or Blue Steel Productions. It’s the same process one would take when they are naming a sports car or a razor blade.

You don’t want anything that conjures up images of old women in floppy sun hats. That’s not the image that most video production companies or advertising agencies usually go for.

So why did we do exactly that? Maybe we’re terrible at branding. ?

Or maybe it’s because a vegetable garden isn’t complicated or intimidating. It’s simple, peaceful and natural.

That’s how video production should be.


It’s not about our ideas. It’s about discovering the best about your brand and positioning it so it can get everything it needs to grow.

Think of us as gardeners that make sure the seed is in the sunlight and gets plenty of water.

We understand that large can be good but sometimes smaller is better.

Sometimes what you need isn’t a large production company, but the one-on-one attention of someone that believes what you are doing is amazing (as much as your grandma does) and will work hard to make sure everyone else knows it.

That’s the gist of it, anyway. Oh, and the fact that vegetables grow and we help brands and non-profits to grow! Have you figured that out by now? ?

Now, let’s hear about you!