If you are looking for produce then we’re not the guys for you. We’re not actually gardeners or farmers. We don’t have green thumbs and if you ate anything we’ve grown then you might end up in the emergency room. If on the other hand you are looking to grow your brand, cause or organization then you’re in the right place.

Simply put, we’re just a couple of guys from small towns who have always loved filming and storytelling. It doesn’t matter if it’s an epic adventure or a small town drama, we love all stories. Stories are at the heart of all great movements, causes and companies. So when it comes to working with brands and organizations to discover and tell the stories that surround them, well we get really excited.

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Jim Miesner. Founder, Filmmaker & Storyteller
Jim Miesner
Filmmaker & Storyteller

I remember as a kid ‘people watching’ in the Ithaca Commons with my mom. It can seem to some a little judgmental but it wasn’t about judging people it was about putting together clues to understand people. Imagining the events that might have shaped their lives. Seeing life from another perspective that you might not have had before.

So it was only natural that I would get into a career that was half detective and half storyteller, piecing together all the little clues to discover the authentic stories that surround us and bring people together.


Jory Bierdeman Filmmaker & Storyteller
Jory Bierdeman
Filmmaker & Storyteller

I have always loved filmmaking. It’s about diving deep into stories, learning about who the characters are and what shapes their world. You could almost say that filmmaking for me is an obsession. When I’m not filming, editing or writing stories though, I love doing back flips, putting on wigs and spending time with my new wife Carly, though not necessarily in that order.