One of us is short, the other tall but both we’re obsessed with story.

There are millions of videos out there competing for our attention, on top of that our free time is stretched more than ever before. You can’t just put a video up of your brand or company and hope it gets views. You need to earn your audience’s attention. You need to give more than you take. You need to connect with them on an emotional level. You need to show them that you care about what they care about and you need to do all of this very quickly.

No one said it was going to be easy. If it was everyone would be doing it, but these challenges are the fuel that we thrive on. We enjoy nothing more than getting to know people, finding out what makes them tick and seeing things from their perspective. We enjoy discovering the stories that connect with them on a personal level and being the fine thread that connects our clients to their ideal audience. We’re kind of like match makers in a way for brands and audiences.

We’re not just looking for any client though. We’re looking for brands that want to connect more deeply. Nonprofits that want to show the unique stories that exemplifies them. People who want to rise above the tide and have an impact on others. That’s the kind of client that we get up at the crack of dawn for. Everyone may not be the right fit for us but if you are looking for something more than your regular video production company, if you need a team of storytellers and marketing strategists then contact us. We really look forward to hearing about your project and what drives you forward!


Jim Miesner. Founder, Filmmaker & Storyteller
Jim Miesner
Filmmaker & Storyteller

I remember as a kid ‘people watching’ in the Ithaca Commons with my mom. At the time I didn’t enjoy it much and in fact thought it was kind of weird. Many years later though I see it from a different perspective. Having come to truly love storytelling and studying it in many different forms I realized that’s exactly what she was doing all those years ago.

My mom wasn’t nosey or weird but she really had a love for people and their stories. She looked at a person not to judge them but to understand them, to mull over the clues of who they were and what might have brought them here. What people and events might have shaped their lives? Now all these years later I do the exact same thing. Mulling over people, trying to understand them and what might have shaped their lives and using their stories to create connections.


Jory Bierdeman Filmmaker & Storyteller
Jory Bierdeman
Filmmaker & Storyteller

I have always loved filmmaking. It’s about diving deep into stories, learning about who the characters are and what shapes their world. You could almost say that filmmaking for me is an obsession. When I’m not filming, editing or writing stories though, I love doing back flips, putting on wigs and spending time with my new wife Carly, though not necessarily in that order.