Stories aren’t just things we read to our children at night as we tuck them in bed in their footy pajamas or watch on Netflix with a fresh bag of buttery popcorn at the end of the week. The stories we tell ourselves are the motivations behind everything we do and makeup who we are. Through stories we challenge each other to champion a cause or fight an injustice. Countries, religions and companies are all born out of stories.

It may be tempting to jump in head first because of your excitement around a project but before you do, you need to start with a plan. Do you know the message you want to communicate to your audience? Why that message over the other choices? Can you be sure you are looking at it objectively from all possible angles? If you’re not sure about the answer to these questions you could end up wasting a lot of time on a project that ends up unremarkable or fails to connect with your audience. Don’t leave this to chance. Hire a professional so that you can make sure your campaign is a success.

You’re in alignment on how you want to approach the project but how do you tell the story? What is the best way to tell it? Who’s viewpoint(s) should it be told from and how should it be told? We can guide you through this process or help build your story from the ground up, so that you can be sure you connect with your intended audience and maximize your story’s reach. In the end you’ll have a clear and detailed story in place, ready to go.

You might have a preferred production company that you work with but they might not have experience working on the type of project you have developed. We’ll direct the team you have in place to bring together your vision so that you can be confident no detail is left off.

We can put together a film production crew custom tailored to your needs. Whether that is a single cinematographer/producer or a larger team (made up of writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, sound mixers and colorists). We can meet you wherever you are, at any step in the process.